• About us

    Imagine being able to transfer value or prevent contractual disputes over the Internet - without going through a third party. Confidently. Securely. Almost instantly. Blockchain-based technology will revolutionize business practices as we know them. Blockchain will change the way in which traditional digital services are provided across all public sectors, industries and services, globally. We help you implement Blockchain enabled services for startups, scale-up and established companies cooperating in a stakeholder ecosystem.


    The Blockchain developments are central in our TuriQ model, linking all our services.

    The TuriQ Studio provides a deep knowledge and understanding of the application of Blockchain and the underlying technologies that move an industry.



  • What we do

    The TuriQ model


    Business Strategy


    ICO Strategy & Management


    Funding & Investment Marketing


    Marketing & Communication


    Blockchain & Tech Development

  • Core Values

    How we make a difference


    Blockchain Demystified

    We provide you with an understanding of the underlying methodologies and technology, and inspire you by demonstrating how new technology is changing our industry for all stakeholders involved. Blockchain has the potential to completely transform the entire industry, but in order to build new services you must first come to understand blockchain.


    Real Life use case

    Our professionals are here to help you understand the importance, functionality and challenges of Blockchain. Showing a wide range of use cases, we provide insights into building and implementing solutions and the application of Blockchain.


    Build your applications

    By creating examples using Blockchain technology, you develop hands-on experience in deploying this technology in their own organisation. We provide you with the skills and practical know-how needed to initiate and manage blockchain programs within organisation. Clients benefit from foundational components built by members of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network that enable new services and business models to be built on the blockchain.


    Making a better world

    We coordinate, accelerate and produce Blockchain innovations through collaborative development and resource sharing between members of the Blockchain industry. TuriQ is interested in the identification, development and acquisition of talent and projects on an ongoing basis. Our experts are continually scouting industry developments through masterclasses and conferences.

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